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Embracing Birth Class & Doula Services

It is necessary that I put my birth doula practice on hiatus. While I am unable to assist at births, I am still teaching childbirth classes and doing placental encapsulation. Please contact me if you are interested in classes or placental encapsulation. I have left my birth doula information here for your use.

Birth is the rite of passage into parenthood. Becoming a mother changed me. It was through my first birth experience (17 years ago) that I finally realized my life’s path – to attend women and their birth team through this amazing, transformative time. The word doula means “a woman who serves” and I take this to heart. I am privileged to support women and their families during pregnancy, birthing and postpartum experiences. Labor can be painful but much can be done to reduce suffering. I will help you find ways to cope before, during and after your birth. I am not attached to particular outcomes. I will not speak for you, but, will support you in your decisions. I am there to support you in the decisions you make for yourself. Your birth is a story you will tell over and over again, even just to yourself. My dream, as a Doula and a Childbirth Educator, is that women can be empowered by their story.

Services / Skills

Massage during labor, VBAC support, lending library, sibling support,    video loan, postpartum care, lactation consultant, early pregnancy classes, relaxation/visualization, childbirth classes (group and private), childbirth educator certification by: Lamaze International and Birthing from Within.

Education / Experience

I have worked as a childbirth educator for the past 17 years (14 years in a Madison hospital, 3 years independently). I am also creating a Lamaze accredited training to teach other childbirth educators. Passionate about birth and being a life-long learner, I devour books, movies, workshops.

Births attended

Self, four; as doula, 78; other, nine.

Jodi can be reached at 608-527-4434, 608-444-8812 or Or view her website at

-- December 1, 2013

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